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Jeff, have you tried refining your searches by using the quote and plus symbols? For example "upper control arm removal" + "94 Thunderbird". Go to the Advanced Search from the Search drop down toward the top of every page and then type in the exact info you are looking for in the keyword section using the quote symbols. The plus symbol in conjunction with the quote symbol will refine the search even further.

Edit* Well I guess that wasn't a very good example of a refined search - it only brought back this thread. Evidently too refined.

So I tried "upper control arm" + "removal" and got a few more results. But what confused me is that even though words were supposedly restricted by being w/in the quotes, the search results did show the individual words. Hmmm,,, gonna have to look into this a little further.

2nd edit* still can't seem to locate some good results. Sorry man.

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