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No I understood that was for entertainment, and its not really this thread, I would like to consider myself some what mechanically inclined and I know when my blinker fluid is empty. My rant just came from some other replys I have read in the last couple weeks to guys who really are completely new to these cars, what can be done to them and then get completely belittled in thier own thread.

For instance there was a guy(sorry dont remember the thread)that asked a really simple question that I can see someone that doesnt know much about the working componants of a motor was wondering if part A would fit where part B goes. And all he got was jokes poked at his expence and didnt get a good answer until like probably 15 posts later.

As for the search, that is my problem exactally, its not a very simplyfied search option and to do an advanced search you very seldom get good outcome because it is almost too advanced. A lot of times its just easier to ask in a new thread.

Just like part of Ford Truck World that I am part of, I dont know how many times I have seen people start new topics on putting a Body Lift on, but I can honestly say I dont think I have ever seen "USE THE SEARCH OPTION TO GET YOUR ANSWER, DONT START A NEW THREAD" as the posts to asnwer his questions. You will see, yes this question has been asked time and time again, here are a few good threads to help you out. Good Luck with the project!!!! Keep us updated! Again I dont remember what threads I have read them in but those are almost word for word quotes. And if I could find them and learn how to qoute someone I would do that here.

Dont get me wrong, Im not MAD, just a little upset and uneased at how useless some of the responces could be on here from time to time, Its a car club, with car questions, may they be for the beginning rookie to the advanced pro.

Yes other online car/truck clubs have thier fill of jokes in the threads, but this site by far from what I have seen gives more BS answers then usefull ones.
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