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Hey, IMO You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, Bro. Although Trunk and Thunder are among some other Great guys out here completely helpful and willing to give info, I"ve been looking to find out all I can about the silencer delete myself, its still a little vauge, seems like it's a 2 part piece, if I"m reading these threads correctly, or not?? lol!
Wanted to be sure not to pull the whole thing and leave the box 'bare' on the bottom, leave part of it connected, even after searching I feel I'm getting half a story, some of the links, photos and sites are LONG gone... The basic mod info's out there, sure, but I like to really know as much as I can before I go tear the car apart, even for something this simple. Most guys are willing to give honest input, but you run the risk of getting Flamed for not knowing enuff? Thats stupid. What's the point of the site if not for information??
I dont wanna open myself up to water in the intake, how much or little to be removed is a legit question, But Ive been uptight to push for more info or discussion since it's such a overused/abused topic.
Just my .02...
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