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Originally Posted by master486 View Post
These pictures may help clarify for those who can't get a good mental picture. The first is a 3.8L system, the second a 4.6L system, but the piece to remove is essentially the same. You want to remove the piece circled in red in the pictures and leave the actual air cleaner element and housing. The piece circled, the infamous air silencer, is removed from underneath.


I've already gotten in there an pulled it, but, for the next guy that comes along, it's valuable info that should be out there, STICKED, since it's the obvious 'Mod' everyone aparantly does at first...
You rely on guys who have been there before to find the Pros/Cons of any modification, and you've simply GOT to feel free to ask questions until YOU understand it, otherwise, like I said, what's the point of the site??!?
Not everyone out here is a condesending A$$, but by the same token, not everyone here is an engineer, ya know??!?? Sometimes the obvious isnt the same for all of us....

Anyhow, I'm STILL hoping some of the HEAVYweight Ford guys/Engineers/Physics majors out here might put .02 in and EXPLAIN how this 'elbow' actually quiets anything down at all. Just out of curiosity, since it's such a hackneyed post....
Personally, sometimes I need to understand HOW a thing works before I second guess the engineers at Ford and remove it...
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