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Originally Posted by tbirdguy View Post
Just FYI - A few years ago I posted about the dorman nuts - the threads were crushed so much that they destroyed threads on the spindle. Lucky I was able to file back the threads. Did that nut install ok?
Originally Posted by emrldrvn View Post
I recently did front hubs on my car and was sold these Dorman nuts. I returned one and warrantied the other. As noted by someone else, they tear up the threads on the spindle. Also, and more importantly in my mind, I COULD NOT get them to torque properly. As soon as the crushed part of the thread contacted the spindle threads it would take more than 250ft/lb to move, therefore not allowing proper torquing of the nuts once in place.

Sorry, didn't see this reply. I had tried it out, and it worked out good. Break-away torque was roughly 30-40 Ft*lbs once the crushes threads made contact, not certainly not 250 ft*lbs. Threads on my spindle were fine after I removed it.
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