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Decision time

So I lost an oil line Thursday, put a regular 820S on in place of the remote, refilled oil, powered up, seemed ok, but 5 miles down the road the rod started knocking. Got it home, but it's not good.

So I'm looking for a replacement motor. Currently I'm running an NPI out of a crown vic (original motor was hydrolocked under Traveler's ownership) with a PI swap, PI cams, mildly ported heads, 80mm MAF, and a chip from Lonnie at BOC.

The way I see it, I can go a couple of different ways. Simplest would be get another NPI, swap my heads and top end over, and have essentially the same thing I started with. I'm hoping that the heads should be OK, but I'l get them checked out.

Plan B is I found a Mark VIII block for $300 a few hours away from me. I can either put it in as a 4v modify my wiring a little, get a Mark VIII throttle cable, and a rpm trigger for the IMRC's. Plan B part 2 would be to put the PI top end on the Mark VIII block, getting me a "recession buster" motor, but that would require relieving the pistons and a hotter cam.

Plan C would be an explorer motor. Miller, I'd buy yours, but you're too far from me brother.

So, what are thoughts? I'm really liking the idea of a Mark motor. Even if I leave it stock, it's more power than my PI swapped NPI, and the wiring isn't too bad for the switches right? Plus the weight loss is handy.

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