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New Car: 1986 T-Bird Turbo Coupe

Hey all, purchased this 1986 Turbo Coupe April 2nd. It's California car with just around 80k on the clock (30k on the Ford Motor-sport speedometer which replaced the stock 85 mph one at about 50k). So far, I've had to replace the fuel-pump (I suppose that is to be expected since it was original).

Very happy with it so far; Seems to be in excellent mechanical condition, main issues are cosmetic (paint fade, fabric fade, and cracked rubber) due to the California sun. In addition, there is a bit of rust below the rear window trim.

So far, I've installed new headlights and ordered a dash-mat (to cover the cracks and keep new ones from forming).

Current plans are to: Replace the window trim pieces with ones which have been stripped of paint, replace the window dew wipes, install a dynomax-ultraflo muffler (the stock one has an exhaust leak), and replace the stock shift-knob with a solid aluminum one (to prevent wear on the stock one).

In addition, when I replace the rear window trim, I will assess the rust-damage. I may seal it with a spray-able rubber sealant to keep it from getting worse (Rust-oleum peel coat).

Hoping to experiment with "dipping" it in different colors when I can create a suitable booth in the garage.

No plans on performance mods, want to keep it stock and reliable.

Thanks for taking the time to read!
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