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What's the best battery these days?

Some of you may remember my sad story a little under a year ago about a previous Duralast Gold battery cracking at the negative terminal and spewing acid all over my bay/body paint under and in front of the battery tray.

Well, I just yesterday discovered major corrosion on the positive terminal of the replacement battery, much of it obviously fresh/wet. Last time I checked, which wasn't long ago, the battery and terminals were clean.

I know some/most of you will probably tell me corrosion is normal and isn't necessarily a warning sign that the battery is about to cause trouble, but based on what occurred with that other DG battery, I'm not so sure I want to drive on this one for much longer.

I did clean it all up with baking soda & water.

I'm not comfortable with these DG batteries, and the majority of reviews I've read on them are negative. After the previous catastrophic failure, the DG's (and AutoZone batteries in general) make me nervous.

What battery models do you guys prefer lately? Would you watch & wait on this DG, go right in now to try to get a prorated replacement, or drop the DG's altogether in favor of ____ ?
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