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Optimas are forgiving to abuse but they really don't hold their charge well in general, so if you store your car for seasons or drive it as a second/fun/weekend car a trickle charger is an absolute must have item, and you should make a habit of disconnecting it. Cold especially seems to accelerate depletion, even more so than regular batteries - like if you park it in 30* weather for a weekend, open the door a few times(illuminating the interior lights) to grab something, chances are it won't crank Monday - been there done that. But as I said, they are forgiving, my Red Top got down to 8V once a few years ago, pretty much the death kneel for a wet cell, but a good slow charge up and it's been good ever since.

6 years on mine in a month, so it's definitely not junk as far as durability, but they have their quirks and frustratingly there doesn't seem to be much mention of them when shopping around, and they are stupid expensive. My original Interstate lasted 9 years, that was a great battery, had I not been attracted to the Optima's look and design(ideal for future trunk mounting, which I never got around to lol), and weight(which people way overembellished) I would have bought another in a heartbeat.

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