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Well first of all, youre not going to have a "true" dual exhaust. You need that X-over.

Second, you live in Redding ? If they dont do smog inspections, yeah sure. But not if you have to pass the test. Technically illegal to modify your exhaust in this manner - removing the 3rd cat specifically.

On my old Tbird I had a Dual in/out 3rd catalytic converter. I think it was a Mercedes cat but im sure there are plenty more - go talk to an exhaust shop and see what they have to say or if they will even do the work or what parts they might be able to use, you might need to find a shady shop. Unless you do it yourself of course but theres still the risk of failing the visual.

My DOHC Tbird has a factory dual exhaust off a Mark 8 LSC - it had a dual in/out 3rd cat and everything fits between the transmission portion to the end of the IRS subframe. Also technically illegal to sell a cat for re-use in any state if you could even find one.

Lets see who the first dipshit busts the "thats why I couldnt live in california" line. I dont give a fuck, just sayin.
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