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Originally Posted by Woodman View Post
Mine was already done before I bought the car, but it looks like a Mandrel system like XR-7 mentioned, but mine has a dual in/Dual out flowmaster muffler in the middle acting as a resonator/drone reducer. My car also has chambered mufflers on the ends of the pipes making it quiet enough to not ire the neighbors/police, but when you get it past 3000rpm, she screams like a pissed off demon.
Stock manifolds, no catalysts, 2.5" from collectors to tail pipes.

Inside the car, 50mph, 2000 rpm.
All of the sound clips/videos I've ever heard are when vehicles are on level ground. Try making one pulling a grade @2000 rpm @60mph. That's when the drone should be the worst.

Do you realize you were just passed by a NASCAR? I didn't think so.
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