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Originally Posted by BlackCat94 View Post
I've had true duals for well over ten years. I don't need a crossover and don't even want a crossover. I don't know why you say that.
I was just throwing that out there. I cant give every post an all encompassing lecture on all of the options or theory and operation. My answers are based on speculation and insight.

The root of the question brings up the common misconception about what a "true dual" actually is, I assume that a majority of users with low post counts who joined a few months ago asking about this type of thing probably dont have a good understanding about exhaust tuning to make a choice based on options from a performance aspect or whatever sounds cool - you seem to fit the latter.

When I see the original posters location .. thats when the big red flag goes up and the smog inspection / legality becomes an issue to bias my response towards.
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