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Unless you are going to add heads, new cams and an intake manifold
do not waste your money on exhaust systems.

Want a louder exhaust, use turbo mufflers.

The stock engines on these heaps are so limp, a Honda with a fart can gives MN12's a run for their money.

If you want 1/4 mile times to drop like a rock, 3500+ stall and 3.73 gears.

Of course this is all N/A.

Forced induction is not my style.

Also my junk has long tubes, by Sean Highland Motorsports.

They still have a pair, brand new.

Quickest N/A Modular MN12.
11.97@ 109.35
3880 lbs. w/driver.

Bradenton Spring Brake Shootout 03/04/2017.
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