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Those 83-86 Birds are fast going away. I often wish I had kept that '85 I owned from 1986-2009.

Originally Posted by XR7-4.6 View Post
Get a dash cap rather than an ugly pad, a bit more pricey but it looks nearly factory when installed.

+1 on the aluminum shifter, I've still got TSRUH burned into the palm of my hand from the aluminum T handle I used last summer
First thing I buy for any of them is a Dash Mat in BLACK ..... which serves to protect oem .... and it disappears in the windshield, no reflections to look back. Used to use a towel folded many years ago in front of driver's side.

And like said, a solid aluminum knob will get HOT. Learned that lesson with a aluminum Hurst T-handle 40 years ago. Lay a Snap On wrench on a fender apron in the sun for 10-20 minutes then pick it up .....

A fine pair ... ... and whatever you do, Have a Safe Trip!
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