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Stick Shift.

I know every bench racing n00b tard in the world use to tend to come on here and make a lot of fuss over doing nothing but I need to talk some actual specifics. I don't want to get into the maybe and the possibilities, I would like to know what works and go with it. I don't want to be ground breaking, I want that slushbox out, a manual transmission matches what I want to do with the car far better then an auto does. The me of 10 years ago when I last had a mn12 loved me some auto's but that was when I just couldn't afford a mustang. I could afford one now, just don't wanna.

Anyways, I browsed through papa john's article for the t45. I have seen a good bit of blown up t45's over the years, I may swap one, but would like to lean towards getting a nice used tr3650 or similar. They seem to be able to be had in the 600-1000 range.

What I do want to tackle before I even pull the stock 4r, is do the clutch pedal and the slave cylinder plumbing. I am going to retain floor E-brake, I love cup holders and do not want to part from my 97 console.

I heard chatter guys are running some era of s10 slave cylinder, and I am unsure of what they are doing for plumbing. The other issue is sourcing an SC pedal, I feel as though I could hybrid together a set of pedals from a 94-2004 era mustang, but maybe I aim selling myself to expensive.

flywheel and clutch are gravy to figure out, I would opt in the near stock range 96-04 flywheel and clutch. Driveshaft is the same, I have heard crown vic shafts work, but I would probably just find a police package car grab the shaft and get it sized to the length I need from my driveshaft shop.

So the only real variables are the pedals and slave.

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