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My new DD

Well I was cruising craigslist one day and saw this rare piece of automotive history for sale. It's a 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC Collector's Edition. It was always garaged and serviced at a Ford dealership and has only 59k miles on it. The car really puts a smile on my face, it's like driving a spaceship because there are endless creature comforts and interesting features. All the wood on the steering wheel and everywhere else is real Walnut. All the emblems are Gold plated in real gold as well. It even came with a Silver Ingot collection. Some people wouldn't get excited over this car, but for me, being 25 years old and owning a piece of automotive history (a full size luxury car at that) that was worth $44,000 MSRP in 1998 is really an accomplishment to me. The car will undoubtedly increase in value, but I don't know if I could ever let it go after driving it. The air ride system is in great shape, and I plan to stay on top of it and maintain it. So far I've been removing some goofy stuff that was on the car like a bug deflector from the moon roof and a dash mat. It needs new front suspension, but I'm already on it and getting the parts in by next week. Future plans are some 18"x9" chrome Saleen wheels in the FN-10 bolt pattern, and some virginia legal tint (50% up front, 35% all around the back windows). After that I'll probably put a traction lock unit in it, and a one piece high-speed balanced driveshaft. I'm trying really hard to not modify it, but there is a big difference in power with this monster, especially when the RPM's climb up there. Take a look guys!

I have my 1995 Mercury Cougar XR-7

I also have a 1995 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe

And now lastly, I have a 1998 Mark VIII Collector's Edition - Again the last year of production, and also the top package available for Mark VIII's.

I drive an endangered species...they are being crushed at an alarming rate. Please do your part to preserve the Cougar species, and ensure they live on into the future.

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