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Originally Posted by Trunk Monkey View Post
Thanks for the review. I'm in the market for a set of desktop speakers. I'll keep those in mind.

BTW, I love Infinity speakers. I've got a bonus room full of them ...
No prob. The other choices I had in mind were the B&W MM-1s. Also retail for ~$500. Supposedly they are on-par if not better than the Focal XS's that I bought, because they have a high-quality internal DAC that takes the [usually mediocre] PC soundcard out of the equation. But they have smaller woofers (3") vs the Focal's 4" woofers. Even then, using my laptop's standard headphone output and a low-grade $20 headphone-to-RCA adapter cable from Amazon, the Focal's sound amazing. I don't even have to mess with the EQ or anything----they are perfectly balanced and neutral across their entire range. Obviously the bass drops off sharply below around 70Hz, but that is expected from small midwoofers in very small enclosures---but that's where the Infinity sub kicks in. Now, I don't mind working 12hrs a day. I kinda look forward to after-3:45pm because I can crank it up a bit. Everyone that passes by my office compliments me on how good my music sounds, even if it's metal. They don't even know what I'm listening to, but they can tell there is something about the sound that makes them notice it.

The only other choice would be Dynaudio MC-15s. $1299/pr, retail. I'm not convinced they would sound better than the Focal's, although I bet they would certainly sound way louder. They have something like 50WPC, where as my 18WPC is plenty for an office.
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