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Originally Posted by Branded View Post
Thanks for the replies, Kelly Blue book seems to have the car under valued. I realize it's not a highly collectible car but with 14,000 miles I was thinking it would be worth more. Like I said in my first post I'm not wanting to steal the car from my father. We are trying to come up with a fair price. We was both thinking around $9,000 but after searching the Internet these cars don't seem to fetch a whole lot of money. The car is basically still a brand new car.
No, it's not.

The 20 years since the car was built have taken their toll on all the rubber pieces in the suspension, and elsewhere on the car. The underhood rubber may be ok, but it's still 20 years old, and has aged/weathered.

If it was stored in a climate controlled room, it will be minimal, but if it was in a garage that is near outside temperature, or under a carport, it's going to have issues, whether it has 1 mile, 14,000, or 140,000.

The years matter to the rubber, the miles matter to the motor (but not really). The electronics are all 20 years old, cables are more brittle than when new, etc.

I have experience with a "brand new" 10 year old car myself, and I had to put a lot of time into replacing the tires, the hoses, the bushings, etc to get it running quietly and without issue. I had to replace the fuel pump because I didn't get the old gas out of the tank (my grandma passed and the car sat most of a year without being driven and the ethanol gas clogged up the pump), and the car only had 20,000 on it at that point.

Low mileage just means the previous owner didn't drive it. Means nothing for value in my opinion.

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