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Originally Posted by Woodman View Post
I get that, I'm just trying to shatter the "barn find" illusion that the car hasn't aged just because it wasn't driven much.

My 130,000 mile 1997 has been pretty easy to work on, because it's not all rusted up. The paint is shot, and that lowered it's value to me, just as buying a car with good paint and interior would have a lower value if I could see I have to spend another chunk of money and time on it to bring it up to driving condition.

Not saying the car is worthless, or it's a $1000 car or anything. Not having looked at it but assuming it's clean, cared for, and had been well maintained (oil changed every 3 months so it doesn't sludge up, etc) then I'd put it in the $3-5000 category. There's a guy in Eau Claire, WI selling a 70K 1996 Thunderbird for $13,000, and it'll never sell. My guess is he doesn't really want to sell it, but that's just insane. I love these cars as much as anyone here, but I just can't see spending that much on one. The guy selling his big bore Mach1 engine'd 32V for $2500 is I think a very fair price, and I'd buy that much faster than buying a bone stock one with low miles. It's closer to what I personally would want out of a car.

Since this guy is buying one from a family member, and doesn't want to screw them out of a nice car, I'd say give them $3000 or so and enjoy the car.
There's a vast difference there though, 70k miles in Eau Claire may as well be 170,000 miles. It's probably got a lot of rust underneath and 70k miles is frankly the point where these cars start falling apart. I just find it very hard to put a price on great factory paint and body that's survived the decades unscathed, and no repaint at $3k is going to cover fixing old paint on a cheaper high mile car, not without a lot of cut corners.

There are a lot of overrated barn finds, I'll give you that, but there's literal barn finds that are actually in a barn - never driven, but exposed to the damp dank dusty elements, wild animals, and sharp barn things, all the while acquiring the musk of cow shit - and there's so-called barn finds that simply never left the suburban garage.

I think David is nuts for selling the DOHC that cheap. I wouldn't take less than $7k for my also Mach 1 swapped MN12, and mine doesn't even have the big bore, which alone probably cost a substantial portion of his asking price.

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