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My Bird - Stage 3

Finally had the shipping company deliver my Thunderbird on 1-15-17. I'd bought her from a place in Washington State, near Seattle on 12-13-16, it was a bear to get her here... about 1900 miles. But she's here now!

She arrived FILTHY beyond any car I've ever had! There's a bunch of sand on the underside I need to spray off. I think it's from the snowy journey the car had on the back of that trailer!

But I put some serious effort into her, and I'm getting her up to my standards. She's already a good platform to work with, only 82K, no wrecks or other issues, driven by an older couple, good service history.

These were taken at my mom's house....

Still need to install the new stereo, waiting on some parts to fix stuff and I need a car cover... OH and I need to register it and get her personalized plates "N8S-BRD"...

Glad I found this forum, it's fun to share and see what other's are doing with their T-Birds!

Thanks Guys!

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