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Today I painted the wiper arms (got REAL confused putting them back on, more on that in a bit!), and I painted the black door trim on the B-pillar.

Black bumper paint works the best

Then I did the B-Pillars... Probably shouldn't have done outside, there was some overspray but I got it off...even light winds will carry paint!

Scruff it up to make the paint adhere better.

Tape her off

Driver's side was a little easier, I could open the door all the way...

Once done, I ran some errands, click the picture to make it larger

The 1st thing I did when I got the car delivered was redo the plenum plaque to make it shine, it was all pitted and the black paint was coming off

She's getting close to being done, need new or polished windshield, I've got custom floor mats coming, and I need to swap the passenger power seat motors around again....and then remove the water stains on the rest of the glass....

Lots of work, but I love it!!!

Thanks for looking!

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