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They're similar. There not adjustable but they have a much stiffer spring rate and lower the car and inch and a 1/4. There made buy a company called Tokiko.

As for the wheels, I eventually want 245/60R15 tires on the front and 295/45R15 on 9 or 10 inch rims. Not sure if the 295 will fit on a 9". both the 245 and the 295 have the same outer diameter though so it shouldn't affect my abs.

Right now I have ABS and traction control turned off though. I believe the tires should fit fine because they are about the same diameter as the 16 inch rims I had on there before. Depending on the backspacing I might see a little bit of tire rub in the front so I will just have to be careful choosing rims after the hub swap.

For the hubs I plan on using the Cobra front and rear to get the 5x4.5 bolt pattern and then I will just redrill the rotors I have on there to the new bolt pattern.
Otherwise I have to buy the Mustang rotors and then make a a relocation bracket for the caliper. All that wont be until I get a new motor in there. I want to get the black rear window louvers to.
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