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Thanks but I actually like the two tone paint job. I have a black pinstripe running down the side that separates the blue and the silver and I think it makes it look really clean. I also blacked out the cowl hood and added a red pinstripe around the perimeter. Then I got those cheap chrome letters from autozone and put 281 C.I. on the side of the cowl. My next step is definitely to make the car faster though. I'm just wondering if I should do a 4.6 DOHC swap or if I should get the 91-93 Kmember and do a 351w swap. Its Just going to be a fun street car but I'm looking for around 400 rwhp. Also, if anyone is interested in buying those 16 inch Sendel Rims I'll sell all 4 for $150 I also have a stock 94 hood if anyone is looking for one.

Kevin O.
94 Thunderbird Lx
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