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Wow lots of good info, I've done a lot of research since I got the car but i'm definitely still learning. Sorry about the long response TrunkMonkey. Got a little excited on that last post. I'll try to break it up from now on!!

So it sounds to me like the 351w may be tricky to get all the wiring working right but other then that I would be able to find a transmission that would bolt in without much hassle. Now if I opted for the 5 speed from a super coupe, would the driveshaft from the SC still work or is the 351w longer then the 3.8? If it is then I would assume the transmission would end up further back so the SC driveshaft wouldn't fit.

Thanks again on the paint job. I'm no expert, it was my first time ever painting a car and I did the best I could. It looks really good under the sunlight especially in person. I didn't even think to take out the quarter glass, and I just didnt bother with the trunk mech or the antenna. I was really careful when taping up the car so there was no overspray on any of the trim. Overall it came out really good for my first time.

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