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Yes, I actually owned a 94 Cougar with a factory 3.27 open diff. I also once pulled a factory 3.27TL diff out of a 95 Tbird in a junkyard. I have yet to see a factory 3.08TL in any year MN12 though, any one I have found with a TL had 3.27s.

-91 Cougar LS, coming soon, complete overhaul with a 427" Windsor.
-90SC 5-speed, MP2, coated rotors, double intercooler, 15%OD, ported heads, comp stage 1 cam, 85mm TB, 90MM LMAF, 80# injectors, soon to be transplanted into...
-90 XR7 5-speed black on black w/sunroof
-98 Mark VIII LSC, Procharger P600b, TR3650 swap and 3.73s.
-70 Torino GT Fastback project car. Needs EFI and a manual trans, but I'm not sure what motor to go with yet.
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