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1995 Fordsvtbird for sale.. can't believe it, but it's time

I thought very long and hard about this, but the time has come and I wanted to see if my baby could find a loving home to another MN12 person. I've had this car since I was 15 and yes, it's hard to imagine, but it's been 20 years this year. I have a very long list modifications and it's an absolute blast to drive. Some of you may have seen it when I had it up at the meet with the group a few years back. I recently moved last year and just don't have the time to keep up with it and I would rather the car get enjoyed and "finished" (Are they ever finished?)...

I have a Steigmeheir ported Eaton SC, pulleys, custom brackets, innovators west damper, metco lower pulley assembly and other parts that I'll throw in with it. Just finished the new custom fuel cell and assembly in trunk complete with in tank A100 and Holley performance mat pre-filter. The fuel system can handle up to 1500 HP as it is and it has integrated water tank with a Rule pump already installed (no plumbing for the water lines).

I've had plans the last 5 years to get the car supercharged and began pulling together parts, etc. I've got all the supercharger parts to put on the car minus the water lines to run from the tank to heat exchanger. It will need a custom intercooler or one that you can fit into the front bumper and then you're good to go. With a supercharger this car will have ~700 HP at the wheels which would be a monster. I just don't see myself getting it all done with my setup that I have with home and work. I have new lower front control arms that aren't installed as well. There's some old videos on YouTube:

When it was dyno tested at JPC with Jon Lund a few years ago there was a crossed wire and it still made good HP. It's about 500 hp on motor as it sits with the tune. Runs and drives fun, just needs some TLC to make it roadworthy (bleed the brakes, new front tires). The rear MT drag radials have plenty of tread left on them.

I also installed a 4K stall CircleD billet converter a few years ago and it's awesome. It's a lockup as well. The 4R70W has a ton of money on it with the Lentech full manual VB. So many upgrades and things it would make it too long. Feel free to call me with any questions. The motor alone has over $15K in it, trans $4K, rear $3K, and fuel system is about $5K.

The car will run 11s with little work or just a few pounds off as it is. With the Eaton included it'll be a 10second car for certain. Since the new motor was built it probably has less than 5K miles on it over the past 8 years. Life has taken over and it's just not a priority right now and I'd rather her go to a new home. 240-299-7434 The attached Word doc has a more extensive listing of the mods.

Let me know of any offers. Thanks, Chris
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