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Finally biting the bullet. Er, cobra...

So last year after I got an alignment after doing tie rods, the shop (morons) overtightened the lug nuts on one side and it warped the rotor pretty badly. I've also had a sneaking suspicion that the used 15" PBRs I got close to 7 or 8 years ago weren't releasing well causing drag too, and with the 17" wheels I've had for years now I've been on-and-off wanting to do the 13" brake upgrade.

The perfect opportunity has presented itself as a result of procrastination!

I've collected all the parts in my RockAuto cart - reman OEM calipers with brackets for a 99 Mach 1 from Cardone without any graphics or writing, and Raybestos's "Advanced Technology" non drilled/slotted rotors and ceramic pads. One thing I haven't really seen covered however is the topic of replacing the splash shields.

I don't really drive the car in ANY conditions other than dry and sunny anymore, so it's not a terribly major oversight if I skip it entirely. However, last year the bottom half of the shield on one side broke off and I've neglected to reattach it or repair it due to ... procrastination. So here again, good opportunity to address that with new parts.

I see these larger splash shields available for sale, but has anyone tried making one fit on our spindles, or know if it'd likely work with either no or minor modifications?

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