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Question tbird 5.0 swap "the hard way"

So I am starting with a 1997 tbird 4.6l modular car. The engine and related components and transmission have now been removed. The motor going in is a 1987 mustang 302. I have done the gt40p swap complete gut rebuild except pistons which i just polished up well. the cam is a te style cam. 1.6 in magnum roller rockers shorty headers electric water pump power steering delete ac delete smog delete egr delete o2 sensor delete. efi set up. OHV/HO intake. stock oil pan and pump. using stock fuel pump from tbird (should be ok but any input is good) 99-01 4r70w 3.8l mated tranny/torque converter(correct bellhousing with higher stall converter) with a 50lb balanced flywheel and stock style balancer. thinking my problems will be wiring/computer mainly. looking at 94-95 ecu and harness. this should control efi and engine correctly as well as transmission right? also need help determining how the serpentine will need to be setup and what type of tensioner/adjustable alternator bracket? i have the crossmember and motor mount problem figured out. and the tranny mounts should match because it has the 97 4r70w in it stock. any feed back is welcome except for the nonbelievers and nay sayers. ive buried a couple months and will have probably 2500 or so just in motor alone. doing this on a budget so trying to avoid bauman and scp and all that for its not cost effective only time and energy saving. thanks in advance
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