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Originally Posted by S4gunn View Post
Didn't you use GT40p heads on your lemons car with the flanges cut off a donor manifold as spacers and extra long bolts? Did you end up having to do the steering shaft relocation or rig up something to move the spark plugs as well?
Yes I did run GT40P's like that, but I had to do a few other things as well to make them work, and the only reason for doing all that was because lemons. I would never go through all that on a street car, when much better aluminum heads can be had for $600-750. In addition to the spacers and longer bolts, I heated up the manifolds with a torch and indented a few areas for clearance. I also had to run wires with a 90 degree end at the plug, and then a metal heat shield around a few of them, and even then I would have to replace several of the end boots after each race. Also the manifolds being spaced out created issues with the steering shaft, and I didn't want to do the steering shaft mod on the race-car, since hitting the wall was a real possibility, and I wanted to keep the collapsible steering shaft, so what had to be done was modify a section of the steering shaft with DD tubing, which was narrower, and then I also moved the steering column outward a bit, which was not a problem since I had no dash in the car, but would be a problem in a street car, and in addition to all that, I had to rigidly mount the engine, since play in the motor mounts would allow the motor to move enough at WOT that it would hit the steering shaft and lock up the steering. So basically, I speak from experience when I say don't try to run P heads in an MN12.

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