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Originally Posted by 97thunderfox View Post
so thank you guys for all the info. very helpful. i had bought an msd 2 stage setup but i will definitely be looking into the explorer setup. that sounds like maybe a better spark but i also dont know if i want to pay the price for a custom tune. the rear o2 sensors will be deleted but i was also looking into simulators to replace the fronts. as for the trans i was told by a local shop that 94-95 ecu should run the 4r70w just like the aode. if theyre wrong fine but i need to do more research. im not interested in a standard trans for the fact that i will be upgrading the cam/rockers/etc again once the car is running and will want consistency on the track. the headers i have are special ordered and purpose built. as for fit i may relocate the steering rack but only if necessary. the powersteering situation i have been pondering alot and had decided to reinstall already just the other day. the serpentine belt is causing me stress though because i was told i should run a multibelt set up by some and just a shortened belt by others. thoughts?
If you are hell bent on showing off your beefy arms as you tear down the track, they do make PS bypass pulleys that you can bolt on instead of the PS pump and use the same routing.

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