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Originally Posted by 97thunderfox View Post
wow you guys keep giving me more to chew on but i really really appreciate it. all of my issues have been adressed with multiple options so now i even have choices. i will be posting again soon once i get some more parts purchased to let you all know whats going into it. i did have one more thing i dont believe i mentioned and i just was wondering. i fabbed a set of brackets to sink the original style mounts for the 5.0 onto to make the mounting siuation work. anything i should be weary of here? thanks again guy be back to post soon
I think you're making it harder than it needs to be. The 91-93 MN12 5.0 mounts will work on your 97. You just need to find a set. I have a set of solid rubber ones if you're interested. The other option is from a guy that goes by Turbo Chuck but I've heard that he quit making them. You find his site here: Turbo Chuck Motor Mounts

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