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Originally Posted by 97thunderfox View Post
wow you guys keep giving me more to chew on but i really really appreciate it. all of my issues have been adressed with multiple options so now i even have choices. i will be posting again soon once i get some more parts purchased to let you all know whats going into it. i did have one more thing i dont believe i mentioned and i just was wondering. i fabbed a set of brackets to sink the original style mounts for the 5.0 onto to make the mounting siuation work. anything i should be weary of here? thanks again guy be back to post soon

Can you describe the mounting brackets you fabricated vs what you are asking about?
- If you meant the METAL brackets that bolt to the engine and the brackets that bolt to your subframe, if you've already built them great. THey are tbird specific so you will need to source them from a 91-93 5.0 tbird or from turbochuck as MM has suggested.
- If you meant that you fabricated some bracket that you will have to weld onto the subframe, that's unnecessary; you can use the stock mounting position.

As far as mounts are concerned, there are a few options.
1) MaddMartigan is offring you a pair of rubber ones. They can still be bought as well.
2) I use a stiffer setup made with a grade 8 bolt through the two plates and three hockey pucks on each side. This makes the engine sit slightly higher than stock. You can go with 2 pucks/side and be slightly lower than stock as well (depending on your needs).
3) For the stiffest (and by far the harshest in terms of NVH) option, you can just cut some tubing and use that instead of the hockey pucks for the mounts. There's a dirt track guy that went this route but IMO, that's not worth it.

Here's my old DIY when I first swapped a 5.0 into my 95 tbird 3.8L chassis. You may find it useful for all the little things I found I needed to change.

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