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Originally Posted by 97thunderfox View Post
Hey thanks for the link lots of great info. I actually decided to try to buy the mounts from MaddMartigan. The info on the flywheel from your notes helped immediately because i was unsure what issues i would so now thanks to you i wont have to wonder haha
If you're interested in the mounts just drop me a PM and we can work it out. When I talk about selling the mounts, I'm talking about not just the mount but the top plate and and the bottom bracket. There are no aftermarket options for those parts other than Turbo Chuck if he still makes them and they are pretty much made out of unobtanium. In fact, in order to do what S4Gunn is talking about doing with hockey pucks or whatever, you would need the top plate and bottom bracket which are the hard parts to find.

Again, just drop me a PM and we'll figure it out.

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