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1997 Ford Thunderbird LX + Supercharger Kit

I thought about this for a long time....really didn't want to sell it, but I think my ambitions and goals are far too much for this platform in specific and with the budget I have it's probably not the best thing for me to worry about right now. That being said, I'll just be listing my Thunderbird here for sale, it's an excellent car, and if I had 10 grand more to play with, you'd bet it would be fully built. But now that my work is 23 miles away and the lack of time (and money) it's not really in my best interest to spend money on performance upgrades like I intended.

The Story of my Thunderbird:
I purchased it back in 2014 from an old lady who was going into a nursing home because of her cancer (sucks), her son knew she would not be driving anymore, so as part of an estate sale of his mother's belongings and home, he also listed the car which had been in storage from 2011 to 2014, the miles were 44,900 miles at the time of listing, I was coming from a 96 Grand Marquis LS so I knew the engine and transmission were pretty rock solid, and the car was super clean, beautiful thing. The car ran great, suspension bushings were shot though (as every MN12), so I had the upper control arms changed out and ever since I've been driving it with no issues. The lower control arms are starting to creak and I have new Moog or was it ACDelco control arms ready for install. The car has a SLP Loudmouth I exhaust system so it is a tad loud though, I like it. It's been in Las Vegas its entire life so no rust, it's spotless rust wise.

I had also purchased a supercharger kit from a member on here last year because I had huge plans for the car, a Vortech V1-T Supercharger unit, with the correct installation bracket and everything (belts, nuts bolts, everything), a modified intake system, a 340LPH fuel pump, all new, all that is needed are injectors and a Lightning MAF (approximately 450 dollars more) and of course a tune from a tuner of your choice.

Mileage: 61500 original miles (second owner)
Problems: Creaky lower control arm (new control arms in box), will get installed sooner or later, alignment is out ever since I had a blowout and got one of the tires replaced, will get that done as well. That's it.
New parts (last 10k miles): new spark plugs and new coil packs, coolant flush, transmission drain and fill with Mercon V (friggin expensive fluid), GPD AC Compressor, accumulator, that's it.

The car runs and drives great, everything works. Has power driver seat, manual passenger seat, blue cloth interior, eh, everything you guys probably already know about.

I'm asking $4999 or best offer. If you want the ready to bolt-on supercharger kit then $5999, or the kit separately I'll sell for $1850 (Exact price I bought it for, except I've added the fuel pump into the offer).

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