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Question EGR wiring help!!!

Guys, I had to put a new EGR connector on the car as I broke the tab on the old one.

I'm not 100% sure I put the wires back correctly. Can ANYONE with a 5.0 check yours to see if I'm correct???

This is the colors of the least as best as I can describe them. I think the black & white wire is faded, but I think it was originally black & white

Spot #1 is towards the driver's side. #3 is facing straight up. #2 is towards the ground.

Right now I have:
Black & white in #1 (this actually should be brown and white)
Brown & green in #2
Grey & red in #3

Is that correct. My automatic HVAC was acting very weird before I settled on this arrangement, the doors would flap shut and raising the temp wouldn't cause the fan to turn on... it seems to be working fine now though.


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