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Sailorbob will sell you a strategy for quite a few different tbird engines.

Sailorbob's DEF's / EFIDynoTuning

I went to him for the 5.0 tbird strategy required for my engine. In my case, I confirmed with him before order that W3D was the GSALI strategy.
NOTE: it's been a while but with QH, I seem to recall being able to read out the binary image so that someone can compare it to the strategies they have already written. I also seem to recall that sailorbob can send you a readonly strategy to confirm if it maps out the data correctly (you cannot save any edits to the tune though).

I think it's only $25 for the strategy and post-sales customer service is great (get updates, fixes if you find issues, etc). NOTE: the strategy is licensed specifically for your Binary Editor key (in my case, my dongle).

Once you have the correct strategy loaded for your ECU, you can read out the baseline tune/calibration and edit the scalars, tables, and functions as you desire (and are mapped out in the strategy).

Here's my experience with QH.
S4Gunn's 93 Thunderbird 5.0 Tuning with Quarterhorse Basics...


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