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Thanks for the input guys! I was planning on having a 255 setup on all 4 corners, but I've landed a part time gig that has potential to make funding Project Pearl move along much more quickly, and also potentially allow for two sets of wheels; weekend cruise and track / canyon. Thus my asking of various configurations that would work. I have always been planning on going with the 1-1/4" ADDCO bars, but like I said before, with limited availability I was considering different options depending on tire size setup.

I may end up ordering the ADDCO bars and if they're not immediately available when I do buy them, I may also just buy a set of poly sway bar bushings to replace the worn OEM stuff as a temporary place holder until the ADDCO bars come in. Adding to that, if one side of the sway bars come in first before the other, I won't install it without the other. I'll install both sides at the same time.

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