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Woodman, your setup is more or less what I'm going for. For detailed info on what I'm going for, check out my more recent posts in my suspension build (link in sig).

When I had my RX-8, it got me into driving the corners because, the RX-8 by nature is not a fast car. It's a nimble car. I pursued that a little bit in my Accord when I first got it, but it being FWD is not the same. I know my Bird will probably not be as nimble as my RX-8 was, but I'm hoping to get the same amount of thrill out of my Bird as I did in my RX-8. I do know though, that with the right setup, that thrill I had in my RX-8 will come back.

As for taking corners and such, for a point of reference, "There is this one turn in Mexico" I that had the posted speed limit at 55. My RX-8 was able to handle it at 110 without even flinching. I'm curious to know my bird will be able to do the same...or close to it, at least.

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