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Originally Posted by CDsDontBurn View Post
Thanks for the input guys! I was planning on having a 255 setup on all 4 corners, but I've landed a part time gig that has potential to make funding Project Pearl move along much more quickly, and also potentially allow for two sets of wheels; weekend cruise and track / canyon. Thus my asking of various configurations that would work. I have always been planning on going with the 1-1/4" ADDCO bars, but like I said before, with limited availability I was considering different options depending on tire size setup.

I may end up ordering the ADDCO bars and if they're not immediately available when I do buy them, I may also just buy a set of poly sway bar bushings to replace the worn OEM stuff as a temporary place holder until the ADDCO bars come in. Adding to that, if one side of the sway bars come in first before the other, I won't install it without the other. I'll install both sides at the same time.
I guess I don't understand the point of multiple wheel configurations unless one set will be shod R compound tires, which really aren't meant for streets, including canyons. You can run a square or squarish setup either way so I don't know if your intentions are to save or splurge by using 225s?

To your second point, why? You can install the rear bar in about 10 minutes and you don't need an alignment. The front is a pain so it doesn't hurt to get the easy end out of the way, and you'll probably like the result in the interim.

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