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Chasing that pinging/rattling

Today I put in new spark plugs/wires and new fuel injectors (refurbed, 19lb)..oh and a new fuel filter.

Everything went fine... runs good.

However, I'm still hearing pinging/rattling under two conditions
1: Modertly low throttle I'll hear faint pinging, lets up the second I lift off the throttle

2: Punching it... once I'm flooring it, getting to about 80 it pings/rattles quite loudly. Sounds like it's coming from the left side which would include that fuel rail AND the power steering pump.

I've replaced the tensioner, idler and the a/c coil/pulley and clutch. I do notice a lot of end slap in the power steering pulley.

So my only ideas about what's the pinging:
1: bad power steering pump
2: actual lean condition so it's real pinging (fuel pressure checks out at idle & key off)

3: timing chain rattle

The car only has 83k miles, so I don't see where a timing chain could be part of it.

Thoughts and ideas welcome!

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