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Originally Posted by S4gunn View Post
I was chatting last night ......

....Bottom line MaddMartigan: you might want to think about what Mike suggested and it might be worth an experiment. I'll think about materials but I'm sure this could easily be done with everything from rubber to a cutting board.
That's pretty good information but I think the challenge I have is slightly different. Basically, I could take just about any of the turns at significant speed without any slip/slide at all. It was only when I gave the car significant throttle that I had the rear end break lose. I think that it was a combination of the temperature and humidity and my power combination. The one problem that one of the Mustang guys mentioned is that since I'm running a 3000rpm non-locking converter that I would end up having more power available to me than I had traction to put down on the course. While this may not hurt me on a longer road course, it will definitely hurt under the conditions I was in for the day.

I went into most of the turns with as much speed as I could get but I had to be careful on the exit because too much throttle caused me to lose grip. In fact, my usage of brakes was actually fairly limited for the day.

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