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Originally Posted by S4gunn View Post
I think we are on the same page here -- how do you continue accelerate out of a turn without breaking the rear end loose?
* I haven't dyno'd our tbird but it probably makes an honest 250HP now and a good deal of torque.
* In 3rd gear on a damp surface, you would have to be extra careful around a corner (aka: gently roll onto the throttle vs. just stabbing down like we used to do with the poor v6) or the back end would break free in almost every corner. I believe we are going a bit faster than you through our corners since it's a road course vs autocross but it seems like in the short clip you did a bit of unexpected throttle steering through some of these turns, right?
Maybe we're seeing something similar. I'm running an engine setup that is probably in the neighborhood of 360rwhp and 400rwtq. I'm also running a AOD with the 4R70W gearset, 3000 stall non-locking converter and a 3.73 rear end that's an honest 3.73 due to correct tire size. Not much throttle steering through the corners that I could tell. Just too much power in the temperatures is what it felt like. Others were having similar problems.

Originally Posted by S4gunn View Post
Q: What kind of gearing do you have in this car and what RPMs does your engine seem to make the most power? Also, on this autocross course, what gear was your car mostly in?

For our car, we have slightly shorter than 3.73:1 gearing b/c of the slightly smaller OD rear tires.
This makes 1st and pretty much 2nd gear fairly useless on the track; Sears Point is quite twisty and we spend most of the time in 3-4-5 (you could drive most of the course in 4th with only a few forays into 5th and a few into 3rd to really launch out of a corner -- when dry)..

Our 302 really seems to pull hardest from 3K-5K RPM. You don't really need to go higher than 5.5K RPM unless you are trying to wring the most out of the gear before the next turn.

My torque peak is between 3500 and 4000 rpm with HP peak being around 5200-5400rpm. I have an automatic and I stayed in second gear for the most part. The first time I ran and spun out was partly because I kept the car in first gear. I rarely got up to the 5000+rpm range as far as I recall. In fairness, I didn't do much looking at the gauges because I was focused on driving the course.

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