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Originally Posted by ikutoisahobo View Post
Okay, I'm now leaning towards Eibach springs and Tokico on the front and Bilstein (cobra shocks im guessing) in the back. I don't think I want to spend on those hard bushings, I think I'll do new stock bushings. And that Addco swaybar.

If you guys have a lead on where to get these parts the cheapest it would be great, I'm willing to buy used springs and swaybars but not used shocks. Let me know.

Also probably going to do a hub swap since it'll cost me the same as finding good looking TBird wheels that aren't replica Cobras or Speedstars. So a handy link to where I can buy the hubs (especially the rear ones) would be appreciated, the front ones are available on Rockauto (I'll just buy Dorman ones).

Put down the mouse and step away from the computer!!!

IOW - you're doing this ALL wrong.

You can save on the sway bar if you use the hard bushings; that'll firm up the ride quite a bit.

And Dorman *shudder* You ARE aware that Dorman is after market for "Nobody else makes it, so we don't have to worry about quality" combined with "We don't care who else makes it, we STILL don't care about quality!" (For most parts, anyway.)

Spend the extra few dollars; get the Motorcraft, Timken, SKF, or Moog front hubs.

For the rear - the least expensive may be to get your old hubs redrilled to the Mustang pattern; if not, you can buy Cobra hubs, but those you need to count on $150 to $200 each (!!) (Yes, you can find them for less sometimes. Still, count on that.)

Also, don't skimp on those rear bearings - you don't look like Kenny Rogers ("You picked a fine time to leave me, loose wheel!")

Spend the money for that.

The rubber will deflect; the Delrin, not. So the handling will become much more dependable at the edges.

Sometimes the rear hubs show up on RockAuto, depending on availability; however, a quick Giggle turns up Ford Performance IRS Mustang Wheel Hub M-1109-A (99-04 Cobra) - Free Shipping for today as I type this.

You'll have to get rotors redrilled anyway, or a relocation bracket to use Cobra rear calipers and rotors.

You can find the factory OEM rear spindle nut; however, be sure to keep an eye on the torque on them! I just munched a rear hub and bearing due to not paying attention to that ... let my mistake not be yours!


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