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The main problem the rear end has is the rubber that's back there for NVH (Noise Vibration Handling - and notice the Handling is third place!)

The Delrin firms that up.

At least go poly and realize that they may have to be replaced in a few years.

The most important bushings appear to be the spindle bushings and the LCA bushings. The UCA/frame bushing needs to be truly adjustable, but rubber there is fine unless there's excessive play elsewhere.

As to the front - use the good suspension parts, and you'll go far. The front doesn't shift around under torque like the IRS does.

Or more accurately, we don't have the torque load on the IFS that the IRS has to handle once you start building the motor any *grins*

As to redrilling the rear rotors and hubs - I'd get someone with precision equipment to do that; I'd not try it on my own. Then again, I'm no machinist (my idea of "Good'nuff" is "Within a foot" *grins* ) The holes do need to be precision sized and positioned on the hub. The ROTOR, OTOH, can be egged out a bit and work fine, since they're hubcentric. (I wouldn't DO that, being rather preferred to have the holes cleanly drilled, but logic and physics dictate that they'll be fine, to a higher level than the rubber bushings in the LCA and spindle.)

For the front, they're cheap enough and if you go Mustang GT PBRs (recommend 2003/2004 since they use the same banjo bolt as the MN12s do), you can also use the matching Mustang hubs and rotors. Easy peasy on that end.


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