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Basically poly anything on the front suspension = bad(the LCA side strut rod bushings, sway bar bushings and steering rack bushings being the lone exception, but don't expect any noticible driving differences in those areas). Poly or UMHW in the rear is generally good except the UCA inner pivot. For outright handling don't expect them to transform your car though, it's mostly a "feel" effect but the feel of rubber not winding up or binding as the suspension articulates can help with precision at the limit - realistically all you'll notice on a street car on street tires is some extra harshness. Most subjective observations are A-B comparing between worn deteriorating rubber and brand new Poly/UMHW, of course the latter is going to be better. But with stock bushings not being available new anymore, these are the way to go and in the case of UMHW in particular should last the lifetime of the car. They also are the most effective cure of wheel hop.

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