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Hey Terminator......yes, been a long time. Went through a lot of challenges the last few years.......change in career and finances for a while. The trans had some problems and the car got parked for a while. My best friend, tbirdbrain, passed away unexpectedly. He was building my new drive train. His wife brought my trans and rear end to me, but I havent had a way to bring my motor back to south carolina yet.

Ive finally been able to get back to rebuilding. The rear got new shocks and will have new rotors as soon as i get this problem ironed out. I bought rockauto 11.65 mustang rotors by accident.

The front gets new struts, upper and lower control arms with ball joints, inner and outer tie rods and rotors too. Again i bought rockauto 13" mustang rotors. As soon as I complete this project I hope to be taking the car to Robert to have him install my trans............are the raypestos 13" you got for a mustang ? i could find any that size for the tbird ?

Did some searching about hubcentric rings to correct my rear rotors but dont know what size i need ?

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