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Originally Posted by XR7-4.6 View Post
Bilstiens are stiffer but I never noticed much of a difference between the two in the back, Tokicos are better bang for the buck there IMO and do the job shocks are intended to do perfectly(hint: if you install a shock and all you notice is how stiff it is, that shock is stiffer than ideal) Bear in mind the trend for doing Bilstiens in the rear came about when Sport front shocks were still available, but the rears obsolete, so the Bilstien vert rears substituted to became a well matched set to order together from FordPartsCounter or other Ford parts vendors on the forum back in the day.
Well, I've been reading the Bilstien's sticky here in the suspension forum and because of it, I've come across some places other than Amazon and Summit that sell shocks, namely ShockWarehouse. On there, the Tokico Blues and Bilstein Sport are just $9 apart from each other. It's also the cheapest place I've found the Bilstein sport shocks as I see them most everywhere else ranging from $123 - $165. Anyone here, myself included, would say that getting the Bilstiens is a definite no brainer at this point because of the $9 (ea.) price difference instead of the $25 - $65 (ea.) seen anywhere else. But then again, like I said in my OP, it would come down to ride quality at that point. That's where my OP also comes into play of me not having a reference point as to what either setup feels like and asking what I can get into (car, simulator, go-kart, etc.) that would best simulate both Tokico Blues + Bilstien AND an all Tokico Blues MN12.

Originally Posted by jco1385 View Post
I have them both installed on each of my cars (Bilstein on the cat, Blues on the Bird). A direct comparison is as stated above, the Bilsteins are noticeably stiffer. I drive my bird hard into corners and I like the way it handles better than the Cat, which is obviously more than just shocks making the difference.
What you're saying is that you prefer the all Tokico setup of your Bird rather than the Tokico + Bilstien of your Cat? Which one of the two has the upgraded suspension components (besides the shocks, obviously) that we've talked about before, your Bird? If my understanding of this is right, have you ever put your Bilstiens on your Bird to see how different the feel and handling would be over the Tokico Blues?

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