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Originally Posted by Grog6 View Post
If you want your car to be nice and stiff, and lower, go with the tokicos.

I bought a package with the 1.5" drop progressive springs, and they rock on the Tbird.

If you want to RACECAR, do the Bilsteins.

The car with the Konis and sport springs, Lazarus, is too stiff, really. But it's insanely fun to drive.

Especially with the Mark rear LCAs, and all poly bushings.

I added the poly mark stuff with the rear sport springs, so I'm losing the springs first; stock V8 springs felt much better.
I want to DD with the occasional "this one time in Mexico" RACECAR stories and RACECAR at the Auto-X track. That's what I want

I already have the 1.6" Vogtlands, the MK8 rear LCAs, the Poly knuckle bushings, the Poly LCA bushings, etc. I'm going all out on replacing suspension parts, man.

Originally Posted by ikutoisahobo View Post
Check out my thread as well, 'Best Suspension Package' I got my Bilstein B8's for 91.99 or 184.00 shipped from AJ-USA. My Tokico for the front cost 171 shipped for UltraRev.
Reading your thread is what made me decide to ask this question. Even in this thread, I'm seeing the reply of "stiff", "squishy", "better", "harsh", etc. However, none of these descriptions do not answer my question in my OP of, "What can I get in to, or ride, that will give me an idea of how each setup combination will ride?" The other thing I stated in my OP is that I have no baseline of what either the Tokicos or Tokicos + Bilstien combo will feel / ride like. If there is nothing for me to ride in to give me an idea, then, that's fine. At that point, I can only make a final decision of what to buy based off of descriptions I've already read here and in other threads. And if that were the case, I'd make my decision simply off of @Grog6 's question of, "If you want to RACECAR, do the Bilsteins"

Originally Posted by XR7-4.6 View Post
Are you guys buying generic Bilstiens meant for a Cobra Mustang or the specific ones containing a Ford part number? Here's the thing, which goes to elaborate on what I mentioned this morning, the Bilstiens to seek out are Cobra Convertible shocks, NOT coupe. Cobra convertibles spring rates are much closer to the MN12 sport and aftermarket lowering spring rates. With coupe shocks you end up overshocking the car, and it's really not good for them or the chassis when it takes more resistance to compress them than the springs themselves. They should be matched.
The PN I'm using is from the sticky Bilstien thread. One post in particular by southbound, Post #70, says that the Bilstien PN listed in the OP of the Bilstien sticky thread has changed.

Originally Posted by southbound View Post
There has been a part number change..

Part Number: 24-185974
Old Part Number: F4-BE5-C265-H0
Bilstein's own page even confirms that PN change.

Upon finding this particular post, I looked up F4-BE5-C265-H0 and I didn't find anything available except for on ShockWarehouse. I looked up 24-185974 and Bilstiens availability came up everywhere. Granted, I was at work and was multi-tasking between work and shock research, lol. Now that I'm home and taking proper research time for this, I'm finding the F4BE5-C265-H0 shock everywhere, lol.

So now a separate question I have is, are both PNs really for the same product, or are the products different? If they're different products, what would be the differences between the two?

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