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I ordered these rear bilsteins. If you insist on that amount of dampening, these are the stiffest you are going to find.

They are from the Bilstein B8 series of shocks which to my knowledge are not OE on any car.
Understanding BILSTEIN's Product Line

For the fronts, if you want the stiffest front suspension possible, fit the Bilstein inserts which will require machine shop work. It's really not that hard. Now, there might be some B8 SP (to match the same family as the rears) Bilstein inserts with a 36mm monotube (go any wider and they won't fit in the stock shock body) and the proper OAL length but you will need to do your own R&D to figure it out. Of course, if you want to just throw money at the problem, you could always have Bilstein revalve the B6 HD inserts to be stiffer (or refilled with heavier weight oil).

S4Gunn's Tbird Front Suspension Options Summary & Bilstein Insert DIY

PS. the only real way to quantify dampening is to buy all of these (Tokicos, bilstein inserts, etc) and find someone with a shock dyno to measure their dampening. If you are able to talk your way into it, please post the results. Otherwise, you are just going to get adjectives.

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