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Originally Posted by Trunk Monkey View Post
Great thread. I was reading through this early this morning on my flight home.

I'll update the Bilstein thread with the new (changed) part number.

To answer your question ""What can I get in to, or ride, that will give me an idea of how each setup combination will ride?""

There's really only two ways to get that experience. 1) get into one of our cars who have either setup or 2) get into a Mustang Cobra Convertible.

Oh, and BTW, you're welcome for the ShockWarehouse referral.
TM, thanks!

I guess that answers that for my "get an idea" question, lol. And seeing as there's no one near me that I know with any of these setups, I'll have to go off of the descriptions provided. That said, I'll go with @Grog6 's recommendation of the Bilstein of "Because RACECAR" simply because of the $9 price difference on ShockWarehouse's website .

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